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    Sun is abundant in Brazil. And all this potential could be used to light homes and buildings, provide electricity to those who today don’t have access to it, and it can transform the lives of those who use the sun for different purposes, such as pumping water and ice manufacturing.

    Travel with Greenpeace, going from the north to the south of the country, to get to know the story of Brazilians who are already benefiting from solar energy and to understand the power that the Sun has to change realities.

    The Sun can do much more than brighten our days. It can, for instance, generate power. Besides being a clean and renewable source, solar energy brings economic benefits, such as cost reduction in the electricity bill of those who have a photovoltaic system and generate their own electricity. It also provides social benefits, such as green jobs, training of the labor force, and even access to drinking water.

    If the full potential for generating solar energy were used in Brazilian homes, Brazil would produce enough electricity to power more than twice its current residential consumption. However, there are still some obstacles that must be faced in order for this potential to become reality.

    More and more people have taken initiatives for making solar energy more popular and viable and to tackle the challenges and obstacles it still faces. Learn the story of some of them!

    The projects and initiatives presented here are only some of the many existing ones worldwide involving solar energy. Learn more about other ones on this map, and if you think we’re missing initiatives on it, make sure you include it.

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